Fuji x100 The Pro’s Fun Camera

March 9, 2012

By now this camera has become one popular tribute to the old school film rangefinder days. Aesthetically this camera is beautiful! But not only is this camera a gorgeous metal retro looking camera, it takes amazing pictures! It has taken me over a week to get the hang of the camera, the manual does not tell you anything and yes it has a-lot of little quirks to work out and get used to, but once you figure everything out, this camera is a camera that most pro’s can and will want to use to carry around as the perfect travel camera. It is as small as a Canon g12 but also has the ISO capability to rival Full Frame DSLRs. The Fujinon 23mm(35mm full frame equivalent) f2 lens has amazing color and f2 is amazingly sharp! Yes, it is not a DSLR and it will not replace my workhorse Nikon D700’s, but now during the long days of class at SVA, or when I walk around New York City, I carry this little gem with me every time without having to worry about space and not having to compromise image quality! Aside my iPhone 4s, this is my favorite travel camera!
Here’s some sample images at various ISO’s during an entire day photo walk with this amazing little camera.

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  • Donny September 3, 2013

    Hey Cliff. The photo’s that you’ve gotten with your X100 are fantastic. I recently acquired an X100 (the original). Like yourself, I also shoot with a Nikon D700. I’ve read quite a few blogs and articles around the internet about photographers selling their D700 in favor of the more travel friendly X100. Would you mind detailing why you feel the X100 would not replace your D700’s. I pretty much feel the same way but I’d just like to hear another take on the subject.



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