California Engagement – Mariko and Donald – Napa Valley, California

August 21, 2015

When Mariko and Donald suggested having their engagement session in Napa, California I was ecstatic! Even though I have visited California roughly three times a year for the last 5 years, I have not once spent time in Napa Valley as a photographer or a tourist. Making this engagement session even more exciting for me. To many, Napa is a symbol of romance, relaxation and beauty and on this day for Mariko and Donald it was no exception. What better way for me to see Napa than shoot my first California Engagement session of the year here?!

We first stopped by the Beringer Winery. There we broke the ice, Mariko and Donald began to act as if I was not even there! The traditional and well kept beautiful grounds became a great backdrop for the start of their engagement session.

The last stop on our engagement session I spotted a large beautiful whicker statue/art installation from the main road. We decided to take a small break and grab a bottle of wine to relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain view and some great conversation. As we walked the grounds, I noticed that our arrival to Hall Wines was not your ordinary winery/vineyard and got me excited to shoot more engagement portraits here. Their grounds included modern contemporary art installations as well as one of the nicest wine tasting bars I’ve had the experience of seeing in my years as a wedding photographer.

hint* – If your someone looking to get married at a awesome spot this maybe something of your tastes!


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